BlackJadedWolf is a high end marketer of one of a kind rare inserts and parallels based in NYC. We are partnered with the PSA Group Submission Program and have been in business for 15 years. Via our client services we help people buy, sell, and give recommendations on all modern cards. We're here to help you along your way as you step into the collectible community.
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PSA Grading Time Note:
There is no set processing time for each step in the PSA grading process. Please do not be alarmed if your order remains a particular step for an extended period. This is due to the current volume of PSA submissions and varying processing times for each grading level/service.
Shipping Note:
Shipped from PSA does not mean we have the cards in hand. Shipping and processing time can be an additional 2-5 business days. Customer will be invoiced once we receive and process the items.


*Pricing does not include any shipping / insurance costs, customer is responsible for all shipping / insurance costs relating to their order.

**Drop Off Location Available: Bleecker Trading, 96 Christopher St FRNT A, New York, NY 10014. Put a note on the box that reads: Attention PSA Submission for Black Jaded Wolf


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1. No cap, no max. Bulk orders require a minimum of 20 cards per submitter.

2. Customer will be invoiced when the graded items are back in the possession of Black Jaded Wolf LLC. The invoice must be paid within thirty (30) calendar days, from the date the invoice was sent. If invoice is not paid within those thirty (30) days and no other arrangement have been made, customer may forfeit items. New customers may be required to pay PSA fees at time of submission.

3. Customer must fill out and submit the form on the website, in it’s entirety, which includes a list and a picture of the items being submitted. Each item must be in it’s own cardsaver and packaged in the same exact order as listed. Cards received not in cardsavers may be rejected or subjected to a $0.50 per card processing fee, paid by the customer.

4. Submission are sent in once per week, typically Wednesday or Thursday (Subject to change).

5. Black Jaded Wolf does not clean cards and is not responsible for damage to cards.

6. Customer is responsible for all PSA Fees, shipping fees, insurance fees and processing fees (if applicable) as it pertains to their order. Grades will not be released and items will not be shipped to customer until full payment has been received by Black Jaded Wolf LLC.