Consignment Terms and Conditions

1. Graded and raw cards are both accepted as well as other graded collectibles (*see list at bottom of agreement). Raw cards that show any flaws that we feel should be mentioned in the listing will be noted and we will select the ebay card condition based on our opinion of the cards condition as it relates to ebays guidelines. Cards that show any signs of alteration or we suspect an item to not be authentic will be sent back at the owner's expense. We have the right to decline any items which we do not think will receive any bids or that have serious condition flaws. These items will be sent back at the owner’s expense. Any autograph must be accompanied by a reputable authenticator (PSA, BGS, JSA). Please only send cards for consignment that you believe will have a minimum of $20 auction selling price. Prior auction results do not guarantee future auction outcomes.

2. Items will typically be listed on eBay within 4 business days of us receiving and processing them. If you are consigning a large lot or collection that needs more time to process, a delay in listing time may occur. We will notify the consignor if there will be a delay.

2a. Auction items will be listed starting at .99 for a 7 day eBay auction. We reserve the right to lot same cards into single auction listings. If there is a specific day you would like your auctions to start and end, please let us know and we will try to our best accommodate. Items and requests will be processed in the order they are received. We reserve the right to limit the number of items starting and ending on any specific day. Auction items that end with zero bids will be subject to a $3 fee and returned at the owner's expense.

2b. We are currently accepting consignments for eBay Buy it Now listings that have a market value of $100 or more. Please list all items you are submitting for Buy it Now in the card specifics box on submission form. Please have two prices for each card. A Buy it Now price and a minimum price you are willing to accept for the item before fees. When submitting your items, we ask that you please be realistic with your pricing. If a card regularly sells for $200 dollars, then we ask you to be right around there in your minimum selling price. Buy it Now items will be listed for one (1) thirty-day cycle. If after thirty (30) days the item remains unsold, the consignor may opt to have the item listed for auction or sent back to them. Return shipping will be paid by the consignor as well as any insurance.

3. When mailing your cards for consignment please package them safely to help prevent any damage in transit. For larger lots, boxes are recommended. If packing in boxes, please make sure there is minimal movement inside. USPS provides free priority mailing boxes. Be sure to have cards in order by sport. Please make sure raw cards are well protected with minimal tape if being used. If sending a large number of cards grouping them and securing them into team bags is recommended.Please do not use bas or sleeves on individual cards as this takes more time to process.

4. You are held responsible for any loss or damage to your items that may occur while your cards are in transit to us from you. So please be sure to pack your items with care.
5. There is zero tolerance for bidding on your own items or having someone bid on your items. If caught, we will not accept any items for consignment from you in the future.
6. You will be notified by email, within one business day of us receiving your items. The day you receive the email will count as business day 1 (one) as it relates to our stated approximate listing timelines.
7. Within 3 business days after your auctions have completed, a list of your items with ending prices and payout amounts will be emailed to you.
8. You will be paid based on the Selling price of each individual card as it relates to our payout table. Payouts will be made 7-10 days after the items have been PAID for. We reserve the right to extend payout times for cards that need to pass through eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee program. Any cards that do not pass authentication will be returned to the consignor at their expense.
9. We make every effort to ensure all items are paid for. In the rare event that an item goes unpaid it will be cancelled after 5 days and relisted for auction.
10. Consignor agrees that they have full ownership over all items being submitted and have the right to sell all items. If you have any questions about submitting your items for consignment, please feel free to reach out at any time before sending them to us. Thank you!

Additional Fees (These fees are in addition to item selling fees, if applicable):

Reason Fee (Per item)
Auction Listing $1
Express List (1 Business Day after receipt)  $3 (Max 10 items per Express order)
Buy It Now Listing   $5
No Bid Item  $3
Return Shipping Varies Based on Consignors Location and package Value


*Other graded collectibles accepted for auction:

Collectible Grading Company(ies)
Comic Books CGC / CBCS
Funko PSA
Toys / Action Figures   AFA / CAS
Video Games  VGA / WATA